Growth Funding​

Growth Funding

Our Investors specialize in financing middle market IT businesses in which the shareholders & management teams have a commitment to stay, lead, and grow the business further and are seeking a partner who can contribute capital as well as global operational and strategic expertise. The key is to adopt our vision: grow “beyond-the-first-billion” in the shortest time possible. In addition to being able to provide capital to a transaction, we can also leverage our expertise with middle-market businesses to assist management in continuing to grow the Company organically, and if applicable, through acquisitions. STS’s investment/management team has a deep understanding of the unique challenges that face middle market companies and have extensive experience working closely with management teams to help develop and implement strategic growth plans.


  • Debt –
    Raise money for working capital or capital expenditures from banks or financial institutions.
  • Equity –
    Raising capital through the sale of shares.
  • Mezzanine –
    Raising capital through a hybrid of debt and equity financing that gives the lender the rights to convert to an ownership or equity interest in the company.
  • ASSET Light capital –
    corporate debt that less than usual amount of collateral.
  • Venture Capital Debt –
    Investors who invest in early stage companies in exchange for equity.
  • Private Investors –
    Investors who are not affiliated with lending institutions.
  • Angel investors –
    Investment from an affluent individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.
  • Asset based lending –
    Business loan secured by collateral (assets). Assets are usually accounts receivables and or other balance sheet assets.
  • Private Equity Investment –
    Capital composed of funds of investors that directly invest in private companies – Investment trusts.
  • International Private and Institutional Investors –
    Wealthy individual investors and institutional investors from countries outside the US.
  • Term loans –
    Unsecured and uncollateralized loans with a fixed duration and repayment period.
  • Phantom Shares –
    Agreement between a corporation and recipient the grants the right to a cash payment at a designated time or in associate with a designated event in the future. Phantom Shares can also be used as a medium of exchange while acquiring companies.