Why Us

What sets us apart?

STS Worldwide Advisory has strong established connections both in the U.S., and global. STS Worldwide Advisory works with a broad range of IT staffing and solution services clients from small to medium companies with over $400 million of annual revenues.

STS Worldwide Advisory is one of the few M&A advisory boutique firms in the country with over 4 Plus decades of Global IT domain experience. The founder started an IT staffing business in his basement in 1980 and he ultimately grew the company to over $500 million in revenue and took the company public.

Has over 4 plus decades of M&A experience in all verticals of the IT staffing industry and we know the IT staffing industry well.

Has strong established connections in the US and roots in India dating back to1980. India is the IT hub for the entire world!

Works with a broad range of IT staffing clients including small companies to companies with over $330 million of annual revenues.

Provides advisory services for pre-acquisition, due diligence and price valuation, the M&A process, the post acquisition integration, cost cutting and performance improvement and assistance with funding.

STS Worldwide Advisory is not just a business broker. STS is a global IT M&A domain expert and STS is uniquely qualified to assist you.

Unique benefits from us

You benefit from STS Worldwide Advisory for the following reasons:

  • We have experience taking IT staffing companies’ public

  • We focus on IT Staffing and the IT Solutions services industries

  • We have extensive contacts with buyers and sellers in the US and globally

  • We have access to funding for clients

  • We have the Consulting expertise to advise your company on growth and other challenges your company faces

* STS Worldwide Advisory is not just a business broker. We are a global IT Consulting and M&A domain expert.

Advisory Consulting

STS Worldwide Advisory Consultants help advice and implement unique solutions to grow your company or organization.

Our consulting is performed by very experienced and successful business personnel. It includes very successful serial entrepreneurs in their own right who can act as your mentors or Business Consultants.

Our Consultants perform strategic business consulting especially for companies and organizations going through change (mergers, acquisitions, growth strategies, etc). We can perform a SWOT analysis is for each client (Strengths and Weaknesses and Opportunities and Threats).