About Us

Who we are

STS Worldwide Inc is a leading Global M&A boutique advisory firm with nearly 40 yrs of IT & Technology domain experience.

We also specialize in creative financing options for our clients to promote their global expansion. We serve our U.S.A clients from Atlanta since 1980 with 3 prominent board members and several advisors with global reputation. We have Global reach covering North America, Mexico, Europe, Middle East, India & Southeast Asia.

founder’s motto

STS Worldwide Inc was founded in 1979 by Late Rita Narasimham (wife of Pundi L Narasimham, current Ceo & Chief mentor of STS Worldwide Inc & STS Worldwide Advisory) in Atlanta, GA. The company was formerly known as Software Technical Services, were one of the first IT staffing firms in the USA

STS Worldwide Inc grew into a multimillion-dollar global company by 1995, and won the blue chip award from the president of “The U.S. National chamber of commerce” also cited as one the two successful women CEO’s  by The Economic times of India,

Story of Progress

Have grown to a 550M company operating in 7 countries. Building this corporate success from 1980 to 2014, In 2006 Software Technical Services (STS) merged with a BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) listed global education technology solutions company. In 2007 Software Technical Services became known as STS Worldwide, Inc. We are a full service boutique strategic advisory firm specializing in advising IT Staffing, Solutions and Product companies on various inorganic and organic growth initiatives. The US Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC, has awarded the Blue Chip Enterprise initiative award for corporate excellence in managing a global IT company

Our Transform from IT Staffing to M&A:

In 2007 Software Technical Services became known as STS Worldwide Inc with complete end to end boutique services specialty in strategic advisory firm specializing in advising IT Staffing, Solutions and Product companies on various inorganic and organic growth initiatives. Early 2019 STS Worldwide Inc. divides itself as STS Worldwide Advisory to enhance its services & focus sharply on Growth advisory, M&A advisory, Exist advisory & Creative financing options.

“Have A Vision And Goal In Life First; Then Have The Perseverance & Patience To Achieve It; Think Big And Never Give Up”​

Our Human capital


Pundi Narasimham, Founder & Chief Mentor

A True Pioneer In IT Business Since 1979.

Pundi has been a serial entrepreneur since 1982, having built and sold many companies in the last few decades in North America and Asia Pacific region covering India, Malaysia and Philippines.

Pundi created STS Worldwide, one of the pioneers in the USA of global talent acquisition. He has represented State and Local governments to promote bilateral trade and service between India and USA. He has diverse experience in Life Sciences, Bio-Technology, Analytics & Risk Management, and global talent acquisition. More recently, he served on the board of directors of India’s largest Education Technology Company listed in Mumbai stock exchange. Having built and sold Technology companies in India, Malaysia, Philippines and USA. Started from the basement in 1980 & became a listed Global IT company in BSE with operations in 7 countries and revenues exceeding 550 million.

He is a multi-faceted and outstanding resourceful professional with hands-on experience in global Marketing, Global Talent acquisition & retention, Fund raising, M&A and Liaison with Government and Trade bodies. He is an expert in providing growth strategies to the Top Management, strategic & hands-on management support to analyze the business status and suggest appropriate measures to increase top line and bottom line of the Company.

Pundi’s current focus is M&A, fund raising, strategic alliances, taking early stage companies to their highest potentials and strategic high level consulting.

Our Success

At STS Worldwide Advisory, the founder’s family has over 500 man years of experience from taking a company from the Basement operation, climbing to 550M revenue from zero, operating in 7 countries, employing 1000’s of IT professionals and having built cutting edge technology products for globalizing education. Today, we advise and implement unique solutions to grow your company by providing growth funding ($$$) and create exit strategies to maximize the valuation for shareholders. Further, we also execute strategies for “post exit planning” to move the sellers to higher valuation innovative high growth companies. STS Worldwide Advisory also supports start-ups on how they can get global attention from Global investors, global technology companies and global PE firms and global audience (PI) that can help your company grow globally and get the required growth funding.