Our Expertise

Growth advisory & Growth Funding

STS Worldwide Advisory, Our Investors specialize in financing middle market IT businesses in which the shareholders & management teams have a commitment to stay, lead, and grow the business further and are seeking a partner who can contribute capital as well as global operational and strategic expertise. The key is to adopt our vision: grow “beyond-the-first-billion” in the shortest time possible. In addition to being able to provide capital to a transaction, we can also leverage our expertise with middle-market businesses to assist management in continuing to grow the Company organically, and if applicable, through acquisitions.

STS’s investment/management team has a deep understanding of the unique challenges that face middle market companies and have extensive experience working closely with management teams to help develop and implement strategic growth plans.

Way to transition ownership of a company to another company through a merger or acquisition, thereby guaranteeing the continuity of the company you started beyond your time and also converts your sweat equity into cash and ultimately creates retirement funds so you can transition to the next phase of your life.

Why Exit at the Right Time 

Yahoo  – A decade ago, Yahoo was valued at over 40B, however, the board members were very confident about the future growth and they did not exit at that time. After a decade, more recently, competition took over Yahoo (IE: Google). In the end, more recently, Yahoo sold for 3.8B to AT&T (By not exiting at the right when the valuations were high, Yahoo Shareholders lost a combined wealth of 36B).

WebMD  – 4 Founders worked round the clock to build this portal and they exited when the valuations were very high by amassing 1.8B sale price within 14 months.

INMOBI  – Bangalore based startup by a bunch of IIM graduates with a vision to capture the mobile advertising domain. Recently, Google acquired INMOBI for $1.6B

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Creative financing options

STS Worldwide with their wide network of Banks, financial institutions across the USA and In India too can help your company to address your tight cash flows

  • (under) 24-hour payroll funding

  • Working capital funding

  • Lighter capital funding

  • Asset based funding

  • Conventional line of Credits

  • $$ funding in USA-based on your India assets

  • (under) 24-hour payroll funding

  • Working capital funding

  • Lighter capital funding

  • Asset based funding

  • Conventional line of Credits

  • $$ funding in USA-based on your India assets

  • Secondary Debt (Aside from ABL)

  • Cash Flow Based Loan

  • Term Loan

  • SBA loan

  • Inventory / Purchase Order / Warehouse funding

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Roll up strategy

  • This is the best of times to initiate a roll up strategy using your platform company and walk out with a big check $$$$ when you do the final EXIT.

  • Merging company will merge at (approx 3 X to 3.5 X EBIDTA) & we Sell High at (approx 8 X EBIDTA) during the final exit of the platform company. Each of the merging company can almost triple their valuations in 3 years.

  • Best way to reach quickly to 100mil revenues & then exit at higher valuations.

  • In order to convince all the roll up acquisition company owners, we need a powerful corporate deck about you and your company and the value you are creating for the merging partners that want to join AKVARR.

  • We have to sell your strength / what is in it for them, to companies that want to merge with your vision/plan.

  • At STS We have a complete team that can accomplish this for you plus we have a large database of business owner.

Cross Border M&A

STS Worldwide advisory strongly believes in a mechanism for fostering growth and increasing shareholder value, M&A is an important tool in a company’s armory. Cross-border M&A in particular can be a useful springboard for those eyeing expansion and future prosperity. The global market is constantly evolving and it has become essential for organizations to employ new methods of appealing to customers in order to stay abreast on current trends within the world economy “Most growing companies understand that being acquisitive in a wide variety of markets has become the new normal in strategic growth planning.”

STS Global Partners have deep knowledge & high executable experience in expansion into a foreign market, target identification , effective execution of a transaction and successful integration of converging companies. Also the processes involved with numerous challenges and pitfalls.

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